Schedule a Reiki Session for Your Space

When it comes to balance, energy, and feeling, the physical places on our Earth are often overlooked.  Just like our physical bodies are our vessel, physical places also contain their own energy and unique personalities.  


Reasons to consider a Reiki session for your land, or location


Newly Acquired Property  - Many times when we move in to or on to a new location, there are residual energies and elements left behind from previous owners or experiences.  This can sometimes cause blockages or stagnations in a physical place that don't allow it to transitions to its new caretakers or their vision for the space.  Reiki techniques are wonderful for these types of instances as it not only moves on old energy and brings in new, but it also is able to heal old "wounds" a place may have suffered to make it a healthy environment once again.   


Traumatic Event -  There are times in our lives that we find ourselves thrust into despair, or in the midst of a traumatic event that occurs in our space, land or location.  Just as we must heal from these events, our energy can leave its mark on our physical space and it too needs to be healed.  Whether an event occurs while you are occupying the space or it happened before, somewhere in the location's history, the tools and techniques of Reiki are able to help cleanse and heal both the past, present, and future to make the environment whole again.  



Renewal, Blessings, and Clearing - Clearing unwanted influences of residual energy remaining from ancestral ties, family dynamics, unfinished issues from past-lives, or interactions with other people. Some of us also pick-up the energy and emotions of those we interact with even casually during the day. When this residual energy is cleared from our space, we are able to be clearer and more grounded.


What to Expect

Sessions always begin with a conversation about what has brought you to Sacred Grove Reiki, what you would like to address during our session any other information you would like to share or information that has been brought forward.


When performing Reiki on or in a location, the individuals occupying the space are always recommended and welcome to be present, but it is not required.  Sarah will intuitively and empathically assess the situation of the location and provide the necessary techniques to restore balance, energy, and wholeness to the location, while always honoring the highest good of the location and individuals.  This can also be done remotely if necessary, or as a follow-up to an in-person session.