Privacy Statement

Sacred Grove Reiki LLC and its Author, Sarah Howard take the issue of Privacy and Confidentiality very seriously. I will never share your personal details with a Third Party or endeavor to Sell them to Email Marketing Companies beyond any safety precautions or provisions outlined in our Terms and Conditions.

As a Tarot Consultant, I deal with the area of Privacy and Confidentiality on a daily basis. I am going to detail, to the best of my knowledge how the information you send to is handled, and why it is required:



Where comments are permitted, and unless you are a regular contributor on my site, all comments are held for moderation until approved by me. Therefore, when you post a comment, it will not appear until I have approved it. This is to protect site users from spammers and trolls (there are some very nasty people out there!)

Any comments sent to my site are considered Public Viewing unless I have been asked not to post them by the Sender. This has never happened, yet a few comments I have received were highly sensitive, and I believed the Commenter may not have wished other site users reading their private details. However, I generally either approve the Comment, whereby it immediately gets posted to my Site and can be viewed by anyone who visits it, or I reply and approve with both the Comment and my Reply going Live on my Site as well. If I feel the subject of the Comment is too sensitive I will reply in private, via email, once it has been provided. Please understand this is done at my discretion and not because it has been requested by the Sender. Therefore, if you Comment on my Site, you do so on the basis that once it has been approved, it will be viewable to all who visit my site – it will go Public. Therefore, Comments are not dealt with in a Private and Confidential Manner unless requested by you to be so.

Contact Forms

Where Contact Forms have been made available,  it is to facilitate visitors who wish to contact me with an interest in scheduling a session.  The personal information required in a Contact Form will be the most basic requirements necessary to facilitate the query.  Specific Contact Forms may require further Personal Details, but only if it is absolutely necessary. None of the Personal Information supplied by you goes any further than that.